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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Virus Distribution from Gtalk and Yahoo messenger.... New way of distributing virus .....

Do not click any of these messages, May be possible You get this message from one of your best friend as his computer is affected from virus - Be careful from the website links given on the msgs.... Clicking on this link may affect your computer from virus and your computer also start distributing the virus...........

Messages are -

I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU from screensaver see more in

happy valentine day screen saver from
and view secrets from private cam

happy valentine day screen saver from and get new tips and tricks from

rose is always red ,see in screen saver from

golden lovers rose screen saver from and see more from

If you reply above msgs, you get this reply -

asl please
I am 23 Female, Delhi (India)
and you?

------------- To Remove this Virus ..... Use Combofix.exe and Smitfraudfix.exe and also Yahoo antispy.......... and all these three tools are free of cost available on internet ........... i also given link of combofix and smitfraudfix on my blog... You can download it from there...............


  1. thanks for the help buddy i m facing the same pc is infected with some kind of virus and whenever i am starting my windows xp a webpage automatically getting open... its some thing like this...

    plz help me to get rid of this problem

  2. but I cant get the link :(

    does it really work :(

    I hv been badly affected by this :(

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